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Penman Fairs have run Chelsea Art Fair for nearly 20 years. We have never had a better response from any other promotional campaign as from the AdBikes Campaign. I must admit that we were a bit skeptical to try this out, but oh boy we were so wrong! We had a fantastic return on investment for using Bike Advertising we kept using them since then!

Caroline Penman

Penman Fairs

We have been using Bike Advertising for our holiday weekend promotions for a while now. Using the same artwork allowed us to add a few extra campaign days every time we used the service. We’ve printed the artwork over 6 months ago and used in 3 different Campaigns/Locations and the print still looks like new! We found that AdBikes are a great ROI and would recommend to anyone thinking of using this.  Great team, great service.

Audrey Calder

Jenners and Loch Lomond Shores

Bike Advertising’s Ad Bikes helped turn our last minute booking into a real success. Very grateful for the help and effort involved in organizing our Campaign for The Hackney One festival. We managed to make a last minute booking and in the end, it was a real success. Many Thanks to the team for dealing with this on such a short notice and making it work so well for us.


Marketing Officer

London Borough of Hackney - Council

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are AdBikes?

Multiple studies indicate that AdBikes result in an average increase in sales of 107% compared to an increase of only 54% using static advertising. In addition, AdBikes have been proved to boost Brand Recognition by up to 15 times higher than any other form of advertising. Plus, if after all this you’re still not convinced, AdBikes have the lowest cost per thousands of views (CPM) compared to all other forms of out of home advertising.

Can I reuse the Banner mulitple times ?

Yes. We had clients that reused the same banner for a few days every month for a year. Just let us know that you would like to reuse the banner and we will store it free of charge. You can also keep the banner after the campaign is over if you have other plans with it – you bought it, you choose.

What other costs are involved when booking an AdBike?

Besides the fixed daily rate that decreases in terms of the number of days or simultaneous AdBikes booked, there is the Banner Print cost. You can print that yourself or we can do it for you.  If you don’t have the artwork yet we provide design services as well. On occasion, transport charges or overnight expenses may apply if the campaign location is far from a major city.


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